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When we first meet with you...

The greatest stress of wedding planning is uncertainty. Many couples wake up in the middle of the night wondering whether or not there is anything that they have forgotten on their checklist; and in terms of financial stress, many couples underestimate their costs at the beginning, costs start to go up, and they don't know where this is going to end.

Our mission is to help couples navigate through the wedding planning process by helping them remove the key sources of uncertainty by working out exactly what they need to do, how to do this and how much this will all cost right at the very start.

In our complimentary initial meeting, we will help you run through a complete, exhaustive checklist of absolutely everything that you might need for a wedding so that you don't miss out on anything. We will also review your budget to help you discover the best option. Finally we will also help you run through a full day timing schedule or runsheet. We can also help you identify areas that can help you save money. If there is anything we do that matches your requirements, we will show you some portfolios, and if there is anything that we cannot do for you ourselves, we will make referrals for you.


There is nothing more important than trust between a wedding couple and their planner.

After meeting with you in our initial meeting, if you like what we hear, we will ask you whether you want us to prepare a proposal for you to consider and if so, we will prepare one and then organise another time to meet  in several weeks, giving you sufficient time for serious consideration.

In addition, we also provide as standard a 3 day cooling off period even after signing the contract.
We make referrals to our partners whom we trust and provide a high level of service. We do not receive commissions with most of our partners, but will inform you of any commissions that we receive for referrals outside of our packages.



Since 2006, Event Weddings has hosted over 500 weddings and is Sydney's most trusted and recognised name in Australian-Asian and Australian-Chinese wedding planning with offices in Sydney and Hong Kong.

We are Australia's only wedding planner with a real professional events planning background. Before we engaged in weddings, we provided corporate event and media production services for some of the biggest names in Australia including SBS TV/Radio, City of Sydney, the ACT Government, Crown Group and Greenland Development (a Fortune 500 Company).

Our experience has been in professional project design and management, event and stage management, live  events and nation-wide broadcast as well as media and event production. In 2006, we saw that many wedding couples were stressed throughout their wedding planning process because they had no system to work with. Although no two weddings are the same, we have identified 30 different types of Australian-Asian weddings, each requiring a different wedding planning procedure.

Our goal is not only to help you create your perfect wedding, but also to help you develop a systematic wedding planning process that ensures that all your bases are covered, that you don't have any nasty financial surprises that most couples experience, and that you don't wake up in the middle of the night getting worried that there just might be one thing you could have missed that would derail your entire wedding.

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Read more about our customised plan for your wedding...


Our plan for you is simple: To do everything we can to (1) guide you through a well-organised, smooth and enjoyable wedding planning process, (2) work with you to develop your wedding day vision and then create it, and (3) ensure that you can relax and enjoy all you have prepared on your wedding day.

A well organised and enjoyable wedding planning process

Speak to any bride about wedding planning, and invariably the word "stress" will come up. It is not a mystery that wedding planning is difficult. It takes a event professional 200+ hours to plan an event with all the elements of a wedding. Most brides need to do this without the advantage of professional experience while juggling a full time job. Not every wedding is the same, and what worked in someone else's wedding might not work in yours.

Other than the workload and time required, the biggest stress comes from not knowing whether you have done everything, and the financial stress of not knowing how much more you have to spend.

We have hosted over 500 weddings where over 80% of our couples are of Asian or Chinese descent. We know weddings!

So after meeting with you and understanding what you need, we will help you create your unique customised wedding planning worksheet.

You'll know exactly how much you will need to spend, what you have to do and when you have to do them. And if you are stuck, we are always here to help.

As your wedding planner, we are your one-point contact with all your suppliers. Our couples can do what other couples do in several weeks in several hours.

Event Weddings is networked to the biggest names in the wedding industry, and we offer you exclusive VIP upgrades for Sydney's top venues, and exclusive prices and packages from the best wedding suppliers.

Developing your Wedding Day Vision

As professional event planners, we have the unique ability to visualise events not just in pictures but also in videos! When we look at a wedding element, we also consider everything around it, as well as the logistics and practicalities behind every single item.

When we work with our couples, it's not just about being creative and "pretty, pretty, pretty here, here and here." but we are passionate about good organisation, logistics and preparation. This is all about helping you maximising the impact of your creative elements.

Relax and Enjoy on your Wedding Day

With Event Weddings, you can relax and enjoy on your wedding day with everything being taken care of.

The last thing you want in your wedding day is for helpers, staff and professionals to be popping in every several minutes asking you questions.

We will know your better than you, we will be the central point of contact and we will provide updates and reminders to you like clockwork.

Good planning is dictates the success of your wedding event, and we always think it is such a shame when a bride on her wedding day needs to run around tying up loose ends, frowning and even yelling at people, commonly known as the "Bridezilla" syndrome.

This happens because expectations have not been properly communicated and things are not turning out as the bride has hoped. But more likely, something unexpected arises and no one has the experience to make a call. Speak to event professionals and they will tell you that a good event organiser is about two things, good preparation, and the ability to respond to surprises.

As professional event planners, we are trained to identify potential risks right at the outset and help you minimise them. We are equipped with the skills, experience and resources to deal with any unexpected circusmatances on the day. And you will know that you're in the best of hands!

A Pioneer in Australian-Asian Weddings

Like many of our couples, many of us are born or raised in Australia with Asian backgrounds. We are in-between traditions and have unique needs. Knowing this, we have pioneered many new projects and programmes that are firsts in Australia, establishing ourselves as the most trusted name in the Australian-Asian wedding industry.

  • Sydney Annual Modern Asian Wedding Expo: Australia's only Australian-Asian wedding expo held annually in Darling Harbour. It showcases Sydney's best wedding suppliers that understand the needs of Australian-Asian brides.

  • E+Wedding Magazine: Australia's only Chinese-English wedding magazine and wedding guide that helps couples plan their big day.

  • Free Wedding Planning Service: Launched Australia's only free wedding planning / agency service.

  • Free Venues Service: Launched Australia's only free venues service offering exclusive VIP upgrades / discounts to over 20 top wedding venues in Sydney.

  • Australian-Asian Wedding Programme: Developed and established 30+ wedding runsheets for different kinds of Australian-Asian weddings.


Contact Us

We are here to help you create a perfect and stress-free wedding from start to finish. We'd love to hear from you and we are looking forward to make your special day absolutely amazing!

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