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Event Weddings is Sydney's leader in
All-In-One Wedding Planning services with over 10 years of experience in over 600 events.

Everything that you need in your wedding is all here: wedding planner, coordinator, celebrant, stylist, bridal gown, makeup artist, MC, DJ and everything else, we can supply in-house to offer exceptional value.

And yes, all our packages are fully customisable which means that you can mix and match to create your perfect package.

Find out below why our packages are COVID PROOF.

Why Choose a

In many parts of the world, especially Asia and increasingly in Australia, savvy brides do not go find every service individually and then try to plan the wedding themselves. Everybody knows that a one-stop is the only way because it offers:

1. Convenience: because you're getting everything done in the same place which saves you hundreds of hours of work. But you still have the choice of choosing any external suppliers you like for the best of both worlds.

2. Exceptional value: We can offer our famous Best Value Guarantee because for wedding people like us, yes you pay for our skills and experience. But that doesn't cost us, what you're really paying for is the date. If you already have us for the day, the more you have in your package the more value we can provide. That's why a full package with everything you need for your wedding starts from $8880 (View our packages). At the same time, we offer flexibility. If there is something that you know you'd like to get from elsewhere, we totally welcome that - we're all about the customer experience and making sure that you're happy.

3. A hassle-free experience After hosting 600 weddings over 10 years, we know a thing or two about how to plan a wedding well and with efficiency. We know all the tricks and shortcuts, and we know what to play for before it happens, so we will design for all our couples a custom wedding plan.

WE ARE COVID PROOF: During Covid, many couples have to reschedule. Couples who have more services with us can make changes more easily as they don't need to work things out with a dozen different people. 

10 Reasons for Choosing Us

  1.  We offer our clients unparalleled convenience and a streamlined experience for all services, perfect for busy professional couples
  2. When packaging items together, our couples enjoy exceptional value with our Best Value Guarantee
  3. All our packages are customisable and flexible, you only choose what you want from our services
  4. We don't make markups or commissions on external services, and our couples may enjoy exclusive discounted prices offered to wedding planners - our business is providing excellent services with great value, not making commissions
  5. A one stop shop is safe at times of uncertainty, having a package means you only need to deal with a limited number of suppliers if changes have to be made 
  6. We are Sydney's award winning leader in wedding planning, and you benefit from the combined experience of 600 wedding couples
  7. We are here for busy professional couples, so we can conduct most of our meetings after hours to suit your schedule
  8. We have a custom roadmap already worked out for you listing everything that you need to do from start to finish. We will guide you through this process and your planning can be comfortably paced and stress-free
  9. We are not pushy and we trust couples to decide what they want. After our initial consultation, we won't ask for payment on the spot but will instead send you proposal after you go home, and we don't want to rush you into things so whether you confirm now or later doesn't affect the price as long as it's still available.
  10. After hosting 600 weddings all over Sydney, we have an excellent relationship with all the best wedding venues, these venues always go the extra mile to make things easier for our clients.

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Sydney Chinese wedding planner Sydney Chinese wedding planner

What is Wedding Planning Like?

When talking to wedding people, we often use words like "unique" or "no two weddings are the same". While the outcome for every wedding is certainly different, the process is actually exactly the same. There is no need to reinvent the wheel every time there's a new wedding. We already have everything worked out.

Through our experience in planning 600 weddings, we have developed an extensive checklist of absolutely everything that you need to do for your wedding from start to finish. We have also worked out smart things we can do in this process to cut down time for maximum efficiency, and minimum stress.

Although the process is the same, what it means for every couple is different. So we take time to walk you through this checklist and customise accordingly.

While for all couples when they first start planning their wedding they see a cloud of blur in things to do, we have created a checklist divided up into manageable chunks making your wedding planning easy to follow, and we will take you through everything step by step. And we're always a call away, ready to help whenever you need.

Sydney wedding planner Sydney wedding planner

"I want to plan my own Wedding!"

We have seen everything - what has worked, and what doesn't work. Before the wedding, we are there to help save money, help you plan ahead, think about alternatives and eventualities, and help you organise complicated logistics before the wedding. On the wedding day, we're here so that you can focus on being the bride and groom rather than being a wedding planner with a clipboard and pointing fingers...

In fact, a wedding planner doesn't do all your wedding planning: your wedding planner isn't going to be calling up your friends and delivering the invitations for you; your wedding planner isn't going to write your wedding speech or choose your bridesmaids for you; and your wedding planner doesn't select your bridal gown and your flower colours! 

What wedding planners look after is administration, logistics and day coordination. We help you design a runsheet taking into account of the needs of all your suppliers, time it takes for things to get done based on days and seasons, things like how much time we have in each venue's loading dock, making sure that you know that the venue charges a fee before you book in the fireworks guy; making sure that you have booked everything that you need, making sure that you're sticking to your budget right at the start; and a million other minor details that we account for in the background before any decision is made.

There are parts in a wedding you do want to plan, and things that you won't want to plan. We help you look after the stuff that you don't want to do!

Sydney wedding planner Sydney wedding planner

What's the Wedding Day Like?

For those who have been to a few weddings, there is a major contrast between weddings with a wedding planner and those planned by the couple. It's not so much about the quality of services, as they are mostly provided by professionals, but you can see it in the bride.

If a singer is having a concert, she cannot look after seating, ticketing, lighting, sound and the faulty stage floor. She has to focus on being the singer. Wedding couples should focus on being the wedding couple on the wedding day. A bride should not be running around with a clipboard doing soundchecks before the doors open, a bride should not be pointing to people making directions just because she's about to walk down the aisle, and people should not be running to the bride asking her where the guestbook is when she's taking photos with the family.

When it comes to wedding coordination, yes we plan things properly so that on the day things run smoothly. All events have a dedicated manager, you can't just set and forget. But even at the most professional level the unexpected happens, so having an experienced wedding planner look after everything for you makes all the difference.

As wedding coordinators, we are the central point of contact, and we're always one step ahead.

"I Wish I Came Sooner!"

is something that many brides say after having a booked a few things, or when they have found out that they could have gone with a different venue. But it's OK! Late is better than never. If you're reading this you're a step ahead!

The first step is our famous Wedding Planning Trial. This is a complimentary meeting that is Free, Pressure-free and Obligation free. This is your coffee with a friend who just got married, but with the experience of 600 weddings. In this meeting, you can ask us anything about wedding planning, plus we will (1) help you design a custom runsheet, (2) help you run through an exhaustive checklist of absolutely everything that you might need to do for your wedding, and (3) help you look at your budget allocation.

If you haven't found a venue yet, our Free Venues Service will is the best thing ever. We will assess your needs and make recommendations. We can also give you a price indication and date check. This service is free and transparent, and couples can book the venue themselves or through us.

Don't wait, get in contact with us now for a 10 minute phone chat and all your questions will be answered!

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Request a Wedding Planning Trial Infopack sent to your phone now

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We are here to help you create a perfect and stress-free wedding from start to finish. We'd love to hear from you and we are looking forward to make your special day absolutely amazing!

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